Hello Summer Camp, Goodbye Head Lice

As the largest professional organization of lice removal experts our
technicians are trained to detect head lice quickly, effectively, and make the
screening process educational, safe, stress-free and fun! To help ensure that
your camp is lice-free, contact The Lice Crew today.

About our crew

  • Largest professional organization
  • Convenient clinic locations
  • Private treatment rooms
  • Home visits available
  • Same day service, and extended hours
  • Insured and police screened technicians
  • Shepherd Institute certified
  • 30 day, 100% lice-free guarantee
  • Pesticide-free, all natural based products
  • Free education and prevention techniques
  • Professional, top notch customer service
  •  Family discount vouchers available
  •  Use of magnification equipment
  • Individual disposable screening sticks
  •  Minimal camper disruption
  • Competitive travel rates

20% off lice prevention & treatment products


Reviews About Our Crew

Nit Works/The Lice Crew has become very well known in the Toronto and Thornhill community. Nit Works partners with camps and provides a $10.00 Coupon toward a lice check prior to camp. We thought this was very successful, the parent community loved it and it ultimately continued to promote the checks, education and treatment for the community.
Ellen H.
-Director/Owner, Camp Tamarack
In the past two years we have worked together, I have been thoroughly pleased with all levels of your service. From our correspondence and planning in the Spring time, right up to your most recent visit at Tamakwa in August, everything has gone as smoothly as possible.
Margot P.
-Director, Camp Tamakwa
Nit Works/The Lice Crew staff were on time, efficient and were very good at reporting each camper case. This allowed us to know exactly if the case was mild or severe, how many comb outs the camper required as follow-up and it enabled us to provide this information to parents. We were very happy with Nit Works/The Lice Crew service and professionalism and look forward to using them again in 2016!
Kim G.
-Associate Director of Development, Glen Bernard Camp
Nit Works/The Lice Crew has a conveniently located clinic minutes from Score Day Camp. Anytime we have referred campers and their families to the clinic, they have come back free of head lice and are always thrilled with the service, pricing and professionalism that they received. Their technicians are friendly, knowledgable and wonderful with children. Lice Screenings conducted by them are always done in a thorough but timely fashion. We look forward to on-going partnership with Nit Works/The Lice Crew.
Jeff K.
-Director/Owner, Score Day Camp