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Majority (98%) of all head lice cases found today are the new mutant strain of lice, termed ‘super lice,’ which are resistant to over the counter treatment and prevention products. Along with not only being ineffective, these products contain harmful pesticides and chemicals, which worried us as they were being left on children’s scalps for significant periods of time, and often the process had to be repeated.

The Lice Crew is proud to have developed and offer 100% pesticide-free, all natural, safe and effective products to now assist families in their fight against head lice.

The Lice Crew Terminator Lice Comb

  • Ultimate #1 rated head lice and nit comb, as recommended by the professionals
  • Exclusive stainless steel micro-grooved and rounded teeth ensure even the smallest nits are removed
  • Removes lice and nits safely and effectively, without any harm
  • Can be used on all hair types


The Lice Crew
Lice Mint Prevention Spray (8oz)

  • Specialized long lasting mint formula to provide defense against head lice
  • Use daily to help prevent lice infection


The Lice Crew
Lice Prevention Detangler (8oz)

  • Combines a high quality detangling leave in conditioner with all-natural lice fighting peppermint oil
  • Perfect product to prepare the hair for easy lice and nit elimination


The Lice Crew
Lice-Free Shampoo (8oz)

  • Non-toxic, sulphate free, pesticide free
  • Made with essential oils, including tea tree oil and peppermint, to repel lice


The Lice Crew
Lice-Free Conditioner (8oz)

  • Nourishing for the hair and scalp all natural, repels lice
  • Detangling properties to leave hair soft and silky


The Lice Crew
Lice Treatment Mousse (4oz)

  • Dissolves the glue that holds the egg (nit) to the hair shaft
  • This allows the egg (nit) to be easily removed using the Nit Free Terminator Lice Comb


Wet Brush
Assorted colours available

  • Award winning detangling brush
  • Revolutionary bristles help to painlessly
    remove knots and eliminate breakage
  • Can be used on wet or dry hair
  • Available in a variety of colours


The Lice Crew
Head Lice Prevention Kit

  • 3 layers of protection in one kit, available at great price
  • Perfect for the whole family, children attending overnight camp, school or daycare where there could be potential carriers
  • Includes: Lice-Free Shampoo (8oz), Lice-Free Conditioner (8oz), Lice Mint Prevention Spray (8oz) and a travel size Wet Brush, all in a convenient reusable carrying bag
  • Pesticide-free, all natural, safe and effective to repel head lice
  • Safe for daily use
  • Travel size Wet Brush may vary in colour

$39.95  $70.00